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Talent selection | Optimis
Talent selection | Optimis
talent selection
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Talent Selection

Our recruitment philosophy is centered on criteria that ensure our customers’ success while being respectful of the candidates. We constantly adapt to the market’s new situations. Thanks to a methodology that follows strict professional ethics based on partnership, we guarantee our clients a better decision-making foundation for the selection of their future talents.

Our Services

We offer our services to large and medium-sized organisations, whether for senior management positions or specialists, particularly in the areas of Human Resources, but also in finance, sales and marketing, or management.


“We are not specialised in a specific industry. We are specialised in the process of searching for and selecting talents!”


We guarantee our clients flawless ethics, particularly regarding discretion and relations with hired candidates. A regular follow-up of the performance and commitment of hired candidates is also part of our philosophy, which means that our success depends on our customers’ success. Hence we only invoice our customers when they are satisfied and the candidate has signed an employment contract. We willingly accept assessments of our services, both for short-term financial efficiency and global added value over the long term.

Our selection tools
  • OPTIMIS Job ProfilerTM
  • Psychometric testing
  • Real-life and facts-based situations
  • Competence-based Interviews
  • References
  • Candidates database
  • Internet hiring websites
The Process

The process is highly important to us and we constantly aim for excellence in its execution. It begins with the definition of the position’s profile. We require a full understanding of the responsibilities, experience and skills requested for the profile, as well as the ideal candidate’s characteristics, particularly regarding the desired personality and behaviour. The understanding of our customer’s characteristics, structure and culture is also essential to enable us to search for and select the right candidates.


“Companies hire according to experience and fire according to personality.”


The search for candidates is done through various media such as the Internet, newspapers, a candidates’ database, personal networks and an active search in the market (head hunting). The job advertisement text is written by OPTIMIS and submitted to the customer for approval. A preselection is done, based on interviews and tests, the latter adapted to our customer’s needs and to the position. All interviews are held in a conscientious manner in order to evaluate as fairly as possible each candidate’s skills and personality. A shortlist is then produced, followed by a series of interviews with the customer. The final selection is made by our customer, supported by our recommendations once we have proceeded to in-depth reference taking.


Do you need to hire a talent in the HR Management area? Contact us and we will support you find the right person for your requirements.

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