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HR Solutions
HR Solutions
Optimis HR solutions, Human Capital Management, Optimis
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How will you take it to the next level ?

OPTIMIS provides solutions to support the development of the organisation such as: diagnostics, strategies, streamlined processes, custom tools and systems implementaton integration, learning programmes and talent sourcing !


We provide state of the art services and tools to diagnose, develop and implement your critical organisational practices such as HR strategy, employee engagement, management processes and frameworks in order to support you building the organisation.

The growth and success of any organisation depend on the skills, capabilities and learning agility of its people. In a learning organisation, results are driven by the continuous contribution of staff at all levels in support of the organisation’s goals.


The labour market has changed considerably in the last several decades. It has become increasingly difficult to find qualified employees that meet today’s challenging requirements. Today, competition to acquire talents is intensifying in all market sectors.


About Us

We are a Human Capital Management firm based in Switzerland and operating globally to support our clients in building their future.

Our aim is to partner with our clients to develop and implement innovative and high quality solutions. We integrate organisation development consulting, experiential learning and talent sourcing to provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions that fit the culture and needs of your organisation.

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Our specific Optimis solutions have been developed to respond to strategic needs and can be customized to meet your goals.

To continuously improve performance, a rigorous diagnostic process is a necessary step to undertand what works well and less well……

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Research shows that there is a clear link between Employee Engagement and organisational performance through innovation, collaboration…..

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Our custom models and indexes are based on best-practice models and organisational behaviour theories. Our partnership with world-known research …..

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Optimize the mobility of your International Staff, in particular when you have to assign many people in various locations, across various functions. This software is specifically made for….

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Strategies must be aligned with the vision and mission of the organisation. Core capabilities, values, structures, processes, systems and people enable the strategy….

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Effective and flexible cloud-based People Data Analytics platform to help you drive your organisation with insights! FACTREND gathers data from multiple internal HR systems sources and then aligns, consolidates and unifies data. It provides you with insights, trends and predictions for better decision.

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Some Of Our Key Clients

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Our Partnerships