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Optimize staff mobility | Optimis
Optimize staff mobility | Optimis
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Mobility Optimizer

Better Assignments, Higher Agility!

Optimize the mobility of your International Staff, in particular when you have to assign many people in various locations, across various functions. This software is specifically made for international organizations with high volume rotation of expatriates, where matching the strategic objectives of the organisation, the needs of line managers and the career ambitions of staff is key for the success of the organisation.

How it works!

Job requisitions, based on Managers needs, are published and internal candidates can apply online or offline.

Central HR team get all applications and pre-screen candidates based on defined criteria and required levels.

Managers then provide a short list of preferred candidates so that HR can then do the matching.

Up to 500 jobs may require an assignment. Each job can get up to 50 applications, resulting to up to 25’000 possibilities to optimize.

The matching is supported by analytics and by an optimization algorithm to provide the best matching scenario based on the evaluation of selection criteria.

Analytics provide insights on how applicants apply to various job opportunities and drive continuous improvement of the process. Available online with history.

The software can be interfaced to any other system or the main HRIS.

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Technology accessible to all

Based on Microsoft products, the software is open and user-friendly. Users are quickly independent and can easily extract data for other purposes. Installation does not require any technical skills. Analytics are available online and on mobile devices and provide historical statistics about assignments in various demographic categories.

Available in 2 ways

The software can be fully licenced or on-demand, where you pay for what you use. Request a free offer to compare both solutions.


Regular upgrades are provided with new functionalities. Clients are required to provide input for development so that this solution becomes their solution!

Contact us to have a look at our brochure for more information on the Optimis Mobility Optimizer.

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