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Staff survey | Optimis
Staff survey | Optimis
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Optimis Surveys

We offer custom surveys that assess the strengths and areas of development of organisations, teams or individuals.

Survey models

Our custom models and indexes are based on best-practice models and organisational behaviour theories. Our partnership with world-known research institutes (such as CCL) gives us the freedom to custom design surveys. We have a database of more than 800 questions that we use to design surveys based on your needs and priorities.

Survey process and technology


Our main survey technology, called the Optimis Navigator is a very advanced tool available in multiple languages. It was designed to deliver great details of results for organisational and team based surveys. We are able to present results by categy and to create cross-categy indexes for unlimited organisational levels. Our analytic tools include demographic analysis and root cause analysis to provide a high degree of clarity on results interpretation. With the  Optimis Navigator you can create custom powerpoint presentations that integrate graphical views of the data and are adaptable to your various internal audiences.

Some survey analytics screenshots from the Optimis Navigator…
Individual level: My Compass 360


The MyCompass360 is the Optimis 360 instrument that is fully integrated into our survey platform, allowing a tighter integration of individual, team and organisational data and results analysis. With this instrument we are able to provide insights on individual strengths and areas of improvement from colleagues, team members, clients and other stakeholders. It is easy to deploy and can be run electronically or paper-based with the highest levels of security and confidentiality. Reports are personal and are usually delivered to the participants in conjunction with coaching or learning programmes.

Contact us to have a look at our brochure for more information on the Optimis Navigator, for your organisational and team assessment needs and the Optimis MyCompass360 for your 360 assessment requirements.

Confidentiality is of upmost importance for our survey participants. Please check our confidentiality charter here.

Please contact us if you are interested to know more…..

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