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SWP - Strategic Workforce Planning | Optimis
SWP - Strategic Workforce Planning | Optimis
SWP, Strategic Workforce Planning
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Strategic Workforce Planning – SWP

The new priority for top organisations

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) is a future focused action plan to ensure the optimal workforce structure, skills, and headcount needed for the successful implementation of a company’s Business Strategy.

Most organisations fail to plan efficiently for their resources based on strategic business priorities. SWP supports you to identify the key roles that add strategic value, and use internal and external supply and demand criteria in order to plan efficiently for these key resources.

SWP is now a key priority for most organisation which wants to accelerate their competitive advantage by planning for and getting the right talent.

SWP - Strategic Workforce Planning framework

A typical framework for SWP.

Our certified SWP experts can support you in designing and implementing a successful SWP process. SWP is complex and requires specific internal capabiliities. Below are a few key success factors for SWP:

Must be integrated with existing HRM processesOwned by line management and supported by HRPractical to implement and sustainHR must seek partners: Finance, Strategic Planning etc.Designed with right mix of complexity/impactFocused on the most critical, high-impact jobs and talent segmentsAligned with business planning & budget processes

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